KidZilla Teaching Kit


An intiative to bring exposure to school kids about the web

By Sathyabama Firefox Club


KidZilla is an initiative which aims at educating school children about the basics of Computers, Internet and other similar stuff, in a fun and interactive manner. This is also mainly concentrated on small schools with lesser facilities. The scope of this could be extended by forming Webmaker School Clubs.


  1. Computer & Internet
      Explaining the basic components of a Computer,how they work, basics of Internet, how to access the internet and how the internet is built.
  2. Explain the various networks and their differences and how computers are connected in a network
      - LAN
  3. Paper Prototyping and logo designing
      -Designing a basic webpage on paper by the students.
      -For younger students, they can design the logos of different products of Mozilla.
  4. Hands on session
      Allow students to learn about the simplicity of coding by allowing them to practice designing web pages.
  5. Webmaker School Clubs.
      Since Kidzilla is a one day program its not possible for the students to understand in a single day that's where webmaker school club comes into the picture!


  • Human HTML tag Puzzle
  • Interactive quiz with goodies for those who answer
  • Hacking T-shirts and promoting creativity through similar activities
  • Training session for the teachers to make them understand the importance of web literacy
  • Learning objectives

    • Use of technology in academics
    • New Practical approaches on the web
    • Importance of Open Source and Open Web
    • Web literacy and thereby safety

    Assessment and review

    The conceptual knowledge and understanding gained post the event.

    • Webmaker Club. Interest shown be the students and teachers could be a deciding factor to start a Webmaker School Club
    • Sharing. Publishing/Sharing on social networking site as well as event reports by the webmaker club in-charges

    Assessment criteria

    • Understanding the topics
    • Practical Approach
    • Eagerness to know
    • Area of interest
    • Possibilities of starting and sustaining a club